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Williams, Coen

Williams, Coen

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Coen Williams 



Watercolor & Prismacolor 


Bio: My name is Coen Williams. I have lived in Arizona my entire life, but I hope to travel the world when I grow up. The things I love most in life are music, drawing, and my dog Phil. My favorite things to do are playing bass for my friends, and drawing. Horror is one of my favorite genres when it comes to drawing. I usually use pen and ink because I find it gives my drawings an unstable feel to them, which I like a lot. Artists from the baroque, surreal, and gothic eras such as Salvador Dali and Zdzislaw Beksinski have greatly inspired me. My favorite music genres are Funk, Jazz, and Indie. Some musicians who inspire me are Flea and Jaco Pastorious. My parents have also been very supportive when it comes to my interests. My dad was the one to introduce me to the bass and music in general, and my mom has always inspired me to keep drawing.

Artist Statement: My piece "Dormant" was created from the perspective of a viewer looking at leafless trees in the desert. Because the trees have no leaves, the viewer may assume that they are dead, but they are actually just dormant. Trees, like humans, must go through dormant cycles to grow. My piece "Dormant", symbolizes important cycles that people must experience in order for them to grow as humans.

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