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Villa, Sofia

Villa, Sofia

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Sofia Villa 

De Niña a Mujer 

16 x20 



Bio: I am a fifteen-year-old artist born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I was born in the United States with Mexican roots. My biggest pride is in my culture and family, which is why it's a recurring theme my artworks. I would consider myself a self-taught artist. I did not attend art classes when I first began painting. My art journey consisted of trial and error and trying new techniques in my pieces. From eighth grade up until now, I have been taking art classes to further practice and improve my art. Today, I feel that I have come a long way from where I started. With every art piece I make, I feel that I can see my progress start to show. 

Artist Statement: A Quinceañera is a rite of passage that is celebrated when a girl turns fifteen in Mexican and Latin American culture. It is specifically when she is considered a young woman and no longer a child. Hence the reason for my title which translates to, "From girl to woman." This piece portrays a girl in a Quinceañera dress standing under a rose archway. In this piece I included details from my own quince like the color scheme and dress to create personal meaning. For my media I chose to use acrylic paint and decided to work with a bigger space. I chose to incorporate many shades of reds and whites for this piece, as well as colors like pink and orange to create unity. For the background of this piece I decided on a sunrise to symbolize a deeper meaning. I wanted to symbolize the transition into womanhood with the sunrise because it represents a new chapter in life. 

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