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Valdez, Alessandra

Valdez, Alessandra

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Alessandra Valdez 

Saguaro Sunset 




Bio: My name is Alessandra Valdez--most people call me "Dez" for short. I am a seventeen-year-old junior at McClintock High School. I was born in Mesa, Arizona, where I have lived my whole life. I am an aspiring artist, as I have always had an extremely vivid imagination which I enjoy channeling into creative works. My belief is that art can be found in anything and everything; every little detail that makes up our world has originated from a creative idea. I also believe that anyone with the desire to create can be considered an artist. I was coloring within the lines of coloring books at one year old; I was an artist then, and my passion has only flourished, making me into the artist that I am now. I am interested in an array of different art styles; I experiment with various mediums and find pleasure in the learning process of each one. I want to create in whatever way, shape, and form is available to me.

Artist Statement: "Saguaro Sunset" is a watercolor painting inspired by the unique style of Elise Dodge's geometric mountains and highly saturated color pallets. When creating this piece, I mainly wanted to capture the essence of Arizona's beauty, specifically the desert, where I was born and raised. As I am becoming an adult, I have realized just how much of my identity is rooted in my home. I have developed a unique appreciation for AZ deserts. Arizona’s towering Saguaros, red and rocky mountains, and rich sunsets that cascade over the valley fill me with a sense of belonging. These are my roots. I have decided to stay in Arizona, and possibly even live out my whole life here. I never want to be too far from home. 

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