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Sales, Adeezhi

Sales, Adeezhi

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Adeezhi Salas 

Evolving Identity 


Acrylic Paint 


Bio: My name is Adeezhi Salas and I am 18 years old. I am a Navajo, Senior, student at Central High School. I transferred to Central in the beginning of the year from a reservation school in rural California. I have attended 3 different high schools in the past 4 years, although I have always been involved in art class and making sure I keep practicing this skill. I've loved creative expression from a very young age and I will continue this practice for as long as possible. 

Artist Statement: "Evolving Identity" shows the reflection of one's self. Self-discovery is something everyone goes through and we often wear many personas, faces, and styles. This piece reflects the act of embracing the many identities while acknowledging the unity that ties it all together. This makes us who we are. The complexity of identity shows our ability to grow. The different colors and faces are all tied, connected, and blended to show the unity of yourself. 

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