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Montoya, Xianna

Montoya, Xianna

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Xianna Montoya 

First Born 


Acrylic Paint 


Xianna Montoya’s art explores family dynamics and legacy as seen through forgotten photographs. Montoya’s paintings are made with acrylic to recreate the photorealistic qualities of the photographs. She currently resides in Mesa, Arizona where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Painting and Drawing. Her work has won awards and has been exhibited by institutions, such as Arizona State University, Oakland Art’s Review, and Artists of Promise. Montoya is currently working on a ceramic series that highlights the balance inner violence and gentle actions. She is also working on a water based series on mental “monsters” and its effect on relationships and affection. 

Artist Statement: "First Born" is a painting of a photograph of my grandmother with my aunt. My aunt was born after my grandparents were married and settled in the U.S.A. She is the firstborn of the family. This painting is about reflecting on our origins and trying to find ways and gaps that we might've taken to change our lives in the past. My grandmother looks at the baby with love and tenderness, but the baby looks at the viewer, a conversation between past and present. 

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