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Billy, Marley

Billy, Marley

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Marley Billy 

Settle Down 


Colored Pencil 



Bio: My name is Marley, I am a 17 year old Native American artist in my final year of high school. Through the 17 years I’ve walked the Earth, art has always been there with me since day one. In those years, my family, especially my dad, was there to cheer me on and be there for me in my ups and downs in my art career. Until recently, I’ve been taking art classes to improve my work and be more serious about choosing a fitting career for myself. 

Artist Statement: I am tying up loose ends, pretending to be an adult is hard and I am realizing that I am getting older. I am no longer going to be able to mess around and be goofy. This is what my title reflects. My medium of choice was color pencils to reflect my childhood, when my mom and I were both entering a new chapter of our lives. As a family we were experiencing something new and different. At that time, my mom was learning how to become a mother. I was learning how to exist as a child and be a unique person. Now as a teenager, I am now learning how to be an independent person, creating new things for myself on my journey.  

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