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Addaki, Rachelly

Addaki, Rachelly

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Rachelly Addakai 

The Path of Life 


Watercolor & Ink 


Bio: I am a sophomore at Camelback High School, and I love to make art to express how I feel, especially to represent my culture. I create paintings of how my culture has been explained to me, so my paintings are like whenever I talk to my people. It’s much more than just a representation of my culture, it is a conversation with my ancestors.  I started to draw three years ago and have continued to make art since then. 

Artist Statement: In my watercolor painting, “The Path of Life,” the viewer sees a young woman on her knees who is calling out to be guided by a Yei bi chei, which is a medicine man. He provides people with support and guidance. I placed the Yei bi chei behind the woman to show he is there to comfort her and help guide her through her difficulties. I chose a cool color scheme to express both her sadness and the Yei bi chei’s calming presence. The swirling symbols in the background represent the woman’s memories of sadness moving away from her, as the Yei bi chei guides her.

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