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Leon, Alessa

Leon, Alessa

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Alessa Leon 

Colorful Adventure 


Watercolor & Oil Pastel 


Bio: My name is Alessa, I'm 15, and I draw and sketch things I see. I mostly like drawing cars, clothing ideas, and characters from shows. I also enjoy sports like hiking, volleyball, and running.

Artist Statement: My piece resembles  my identity and sense of belonging. I feel that it also reflects my personality because I think that nothing beats going outside and getting fresh air; sketching outside, going for a run, or a walk. Nature is a defining element of my identity, it is where I am most inspired. I hope to surround myself in an environment like ''Colorful Adventure'' in my adult life. In ''Colorful Adventure,'' I wanted to explore the art of organic shapes, and I liked the simplicity of it. I usually sketch items and then go in depth with the details and lighting, so this was fun to try out. I also explored alternative color choices; not limiting myself to realistic/traditional colors and just having fun with the colors. I hope that anyone who sees my art will feel inspired to draw without limitations, and know that creativity and beauty exist in many different forms.

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