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Gonzales, Lliana

Gonzales, Lliana

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Iliana Gonzales 

Under Your Skin 


Oil Paint 


Bio: I am a 22 year old artist based in Tucson, Arizona. I am pursuing a BFA with an emphasis is 2-dimensional studies at the University of Arizona. I work predominantly in oil paint and charcoal, occasionally exploring with other mediums such as pastels and graphite. My work revolves around my personal experiences, identity, and relationships. I depict my relationship with myself, loved ones and the world around me through a use of vibrant colors and soft blending techniques.

Artist Statement: This painting represents the union of two people with a love for body art. The couple are people close to me and I’ve witnessed the growth they’ve made together over the ten year span of their relationship. They met as young adults and over the years, the more ink they’ve collected, the more the older art has settled into their bodies. The title of this piece is a play on the ink underneath their skin physically and the metaphorical nature in which they’ve grown to love each other over time.

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